Stuart at had been using to help drive traffic to his online shop. After spending over £2,000 to promote the site he never got one single sale. I introduced him to Google Adwords this instantly gave him sales at a budget he could control. He has now been using Google Adwords for over 3 years and sales have continued to grow. I have also worked on his website helping with layout, content and SEO

Gordon Nicolson Kilt Makers had a but no visitors. My first task was to see what I felt was wrong with content and layout. After studying all aspects of the site I advised changes that were required to the company who built the site. These changes helped and when users visited they stayed for longer but no orders or enquires. At first we thought that perhaps people didn't order kilts and outfits online but after some research we discovered they did. By introducing Google Adwords on a budget of only £2 per day enquires were on the up and through targeting the corporate he got an order for over 10 kilts for a Japanese company holding a conference in Scotland.

1st Hire Plant and Tool Services were a new company with no budget but knew they needed to get a website. For £86.95 I put together a 2 page website which was also linked to their Facebook page, obtained a custom domain name:, set up email account, webmaster account and Google analytics account. I have also provided keyword reports to help with developing the copy content of the site and will look at improving SEO as the next phase of development. As an additional service I have also created artwork for A5 Flyers. So with very little expense this client has a website that he has already had enquiries from.

Other example of website built for clients as part of my £86.95 deal:

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