What is Google Adwords?

When you search on Google ads appear across the top and on the right hand side of the natural listing the ads are generated by Google Adword campaigns. Ads also appear on Google partner site and content networks. "Ads sponsored by Google"

How does it work?

We create ads and generate keywords and phrases which are relevant to your business and website.

When people search on Google using one of the keywords or phrases your ad appears next to the search results. This means you are advertising to an audience that is already interested in you.

Users click on your ad directing them to the appropriate page on your website where they can view your products and services.

What does it cost?

The budget is set by you this can be as low as £1 per day per campaign and £0.01 per click you are in control. Campaigns can be paused and restarted whenever allowing you total control of what you want to spend. What you spend will depend on how much you are prepared to spend to get someone to visit your site. The more you are prepared to spend per click the better the ranking / position of your ad. You can set a maximum cost per click this will not necessarily be what you pay as you will only pay 1p more than the next highest bid. Remember you only pay if your ad is clicked this means you only pay if someone visits your site to look at your products and services.

Never used Google Adwords before no problem if we set up your account you will get £50 worth of free advertising to get you started simply complete form below or if you prefer call 07811963810 or email george.hamilton@gshesolution.co.uk

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